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portugal as a benchmark

Since the 2008 financial crisis that the portuguese economy, hard-hit during this period, has known how to reinvent itself and react, supported by a set of solid and structural foundations that allowed the country to be on the scope

of some of the most relevant global investors today.

What were the key factors behind this turnaround?

  • A stable political, economical and social framework along with a very friendly environment for foreign investments.

  • Well prepared and highly motivated professionals, educated in internationally recognized local universities.

  • A safe country, with an affordable cost of living, a friendly welcome, mild climate and a pleasant way of living.

  • A deep restructuring of local companies, which have become more efficient and competitive, by investing in innovation, leading to higher levels of quality.

  • An impressive growth of exports with a diversification of markets and products, strengthening the trade balance.

  • The crucial role of tourism, growing to a consistent pace of two digits.

  • The emergence of a large number of entrepreneurs and start-ups, mainly of a technological scope, benefiting from

      a very favourable local environment (legal, financial, logistics, etc.).

  • The focus of local authorities on the development and modernization of the country, with the advent of huge and innovative projects and the recovery of historic areas in the largest cities.

In which sectors the country stands out?

This set of measures allowed the country to take a very significant leap forward, becoming a player of international quality in different sectors. Relevant investment projects have emerged in tourism, real estate, infrastructure / energy, technology, automobile, textile and footwear and there are major projects in the pipeline, of private and public initiative, which need foreign investment and for which the government has settled several credit lines.

Within this context of a fast-paced modernization, many multinationals established business in Portugal in recent years to develop new projects in their sectors:

For these reasons, we believe investors regards Portugal as a benchmark today when it comes to making a decision on where to expand their investments. We, at CHIADO INVEST, are ready to welcome and advise you.

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